Cellulite: The Best Ways Of Getting Rid Of It In 7 Days

January 13th, 2012 | in Cellulite

There are various skin problems you could consider over time. These problems may be due to your poor lifestyle, which is the common cause.

Some people are not aware that their problems are also caused by their habits. In addition to this, what they do not know is that they tend to solve their problem now that they are also the one inhibiting the effects of the solution they use.

Basically, when it comes to skin problems, there are various problems that could relate to your lifestyle, such as cellulite.

Cellulite could be caused by the accumulation of fats in your body rather than making your body lean with muscles.

In addition to this, cellulite are just dimpled appearances of the skin, which are somehow reflection of the fat deposits underneath your skin. It is commonly found on your pelvic region, abdomen, as well as lower limbs.

It is certain that you also want to get rid of your cellulite in the fastest way possible. Fortunately, there are probable ways for you to do such.

To give you few of the said ways, here are the following:

  • Start with a home remedy.

You should remember that home remedies are more preferable for they would be safer compared to other treatment options. You could simply use olive oil or maybe coffee grounds with body lotion.

You could simply warm up the said mixture in the microwave for 10-20 minutes before applying them on the affected areas. After application, you could then take a shower with warm water.

You would repeat the application two times a day for 7 days. The caffeine present in the mixture would firm up your skin and shrink your pores.

  • Drink water.

Drink waterYou should drink lots of water. This is to assure that you would flush away wastes and toxins from your body. In addition to this, in order to hydrate yourself well, you should reduce the amount of salt in your meals.

  • Exercise.

There are various exercises that would definitely give you perfect ways of keeping your body muscles firm. These exercises would include chair squat, jumping jacks, wall or counter push-up, as well as knee or full plank among others.

These should be performed after warming up. Regular exercising would help you lose fat as well as maintain the elasticity of your skin.

  • Apply anti-cellulite creams.

The cellulite cream that you should select must at least be composed of retinol A. This certain component would help in smoothing out your skin as well as improving its elasticity.

On the other hand, you could also take note of ingredients that would not cause any drainage of tissues, which would help in reduction of wrinkle appearance.

The above tips would definitely work well in order to reduce your cellulite in just a week. Just apply them regularly for 7 days and you would definitely see your skin improve over time.

In addition to this, be reminded that a good diet would also be needed.

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